7 ways today’s trailer tracking can increase your profit

Trailer tracking can increase your profitSeven ways trailer tracking can increase your profit?

Admit it. You’re surprised. You’ve always thought renting a supplemental trailer is just a necessary evil of doing business. You rent it, load it, haul it, unload it, and take it back (when you can find it.)

And if you ever used trailer tracking, it was just to check on a particularly sensitive load. The data you got most likely wasn’t as current as you needed it to be anyway.

Well, that’s not how it works anymore. We’re all a lot smarter about trailer tracking than we were nearly 20 years ago. And the technology has gotten much better. Continue reading

Leased reefers and FSMA–what’s the link?

The “rules of the road” are changing when it comes to food transport, due to the new rules from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act, commonly known as FSMA (fiz-mah). Leasing late-model refrigerated trailers may help. Continue reading

Nuisance fees: Fair treatment when you turn in a trailer?

Nuisance fees aren’t just annoying. They can cost you big.

Remember video rental stores? They were a product of the 1980s—the decade that produced jelly shoes, wine coolers and “The A Team.” Sure, video stores were really convenient. You could pick up a hit movie to watch at home, but it might cost you a princely sum, especially if you returned the videotape an hour late or forgot to rewind it.

That’s what’s known as a nuisance fee. Continue reading